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The materials for SL Studio's designs come from domestic suppliers, and Italy, France and Germany. The fabrics are splendid with surface structures both lively and imaginative. The textile furs are made of modacrylic, which renders the technical implementation of striking surfaces and bright colours possible. In all-weather coats the outer coat is water-repellent polyurethane-polyester and the reversible lining is made of luxurious light(weight) pile that simply spoils the wearer. The summer collection favours comfortable natural fibres such as silk, linen and impressive velvet.

From the season 2002-2003 onwards, SL Studio has been the first to use the new, groundbreaking Windpile material. It is developed in co-operation with Finnpile, the leading manufacturer of textile furs in Europe, and VTT, the national scientific research center. After three years of research and development a new revolutionary wind-proof and at the same breathable Windpile material was released. In addition to these qualities, the Windpile fabric has all the good characteristics of knitwear pile: it hangs beautifully and is soft and easy to care for.

Care instructions

Thanks to the high-quality materials, it is quick and easy to take care of SL Studio collection coats. The coats are in itself soil repellent and in addition most materials have a separate soil repellent finish. All-weather coats are ideal to care: all you need to do is to wipe them with a wet cloth. If the coat needs to be washed it is advisable to follow the washing instructions.



Spring is coming!

Blue moments, the warmth of the sun.
SL-Studio is prepering a new collection.
Inspired by the coming spring, light colours and the birth of new.
Design is an inspiration in this company and the inspiration of the new collection is the blooming surrounding.

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