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A crisp autumn morning, when the leaves have not yet fallen from the trees. The first rays of the sun warm the frosty, rustling ground. The red, yellow and green leaves are still, dozing gently in the caress of the sun.

Merge with the air quivering with quiet suspense. Dressed in a SL Studio’s coat, you’ll be a part of the harmony. You are wrapped inside safety and warmth. You can be an elk, proudly standing by the side of the field, a mischievous rabbit, a mighty bear, a graceful fox.

Experiences, possibilities, harmony, delight, fun and wild freedom. All this - the world that comes to life in front of her eyes - the designer Seija Lukkala wants you to experience through her Scandinavian, high class coat and jacket collection. The materials creating the atmosphere are textile fur, chamois and suede, quilted fur, silk, flax and water repellent surfaces. Both in choices of material and models Seija Lukkala seeks outstanding individuality and impressiveness.



Spring is coming!

Blue moments, the warmth of the sun.
SL-Studio is prepering a new collection.
Inspired by the coming spring, light colours and the birth of new.
Design is an inspiration in this company and the inspiration of the new collection is the blooming surrounding.

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